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Libertarians and the filibuster

The Cato Institute also appears to have picked sides (this is what I get for almost never reading their daily briefings, I'm sure I'm late on this one).

Anyway, the Cato's David Boaz writes today:
Republicans who once extolled the virtues of divided power and the Senate's role in slowing down the rush to judgment now demand an end to delays in approving President Bush's judicial nominees. Democrats who now wax eloquent about a "rubber stamp of dictatorship" replacing "the rights to dissent, to unlimited debate and to freedom of speech" in the Senate not too long ago sought to eliminate the filibuster altogether.

Republicans were right in those days. They should take advantage of the Democrats' being right today and return to protecting the rights of the minority. No party holds a majority forever, and some day Republican senators will need to use the filibuster again to stop big-government legislation and slow down a Democratic president's most liberal nominees.
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