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The hot topic: abortion

I wanted to do a more personal post - this is going to get incorporated into the web site's FAQ at a later date, but after Fireblade's points that I quoted 03-02-05, I wanted to clarify in this place why a pro-life republican like me is supporting someone who calls herself pro-choice.

This is reproduced almost verbatim from comments I made to the Bangor Daily News' Jeff Tuttle when he interviewed me for his Bangor Daily News story on Snowe08.

There are a handfull of areas where I disagree with the Senator (and I speak here for my own views, not for the campaign); the most obvious and pertinent one is abortion, and I think that this is an issue that may rankle other people too. I would describe myself as pro-life; Sen. Snowe would describe herself as pro-choice. Well, you'd think that that would be the end of the story, in today's intransigent political climate, but it isn't and can't be - these labels are just words, and it's RESULTS, not labels, that matters. Senator Snowe's record clearly indicates that even if she wants abortion to remain legal, she also wants to reduce the rate of abortion, to offer women better choices, she has offered legislation to that effect repeatedly, and I can sign on to that policy in a heartbeat. No-one who is pro-life - rather than just anti-abortion - should refuse to work with any takers to reduce the rate of abortion, even if we disagree on what the final endpoint of that policy is.

Senator Snowe said a couple of years back - not about this issue, but about RX drugs - that "we have the opportunity either to use this issue to play politics or to pass policy"; it seems to me that instead of playing politics, holding out for all-or-nothing legislation, we should be working together to pass policy on things we all agree on: offering women better options - be that sex education, adoption or contraception - because *that's* what is going to reduce the rate of abortion; as I read her record on the subject, that's Senator Snowe's goal, it's my goal too, and we'll argue again about whether it should be "legal" once 4000 unborn children a day aren't dying every day that we argue about it.

J.K. Galbaith described politics as a choice "between the disastrous and the merely unpalatable"; we *have* to be willing to compromise, we have to be willing to work with other people of other views, and whatever the undeniable things that President Bush and his acolytes bring to the party - and they do bring a lot of important, valuable things to the GOP - co-operation, compromise and bipartisanship are not things that I think are in their lexicon."
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