solaris_219 (solaris_219) wrote in olympiasnowe08,

Snowe poll numbers remain high

71% of surveyed Mainers feel Sen. Snowe is doing a good job: 65% of Republicans and 80% of
Democrats. This fatally undercuts the prospect of a primary challenge from the right. This number has not changed significantly since last month, and seems to nullify concerns over the nuclear option standoff.

Note that sen. Frist's poll numbers, however, have plummetted, and Sen. McCain's numbers have similarly taken a hit.

Sen. Snowe also voted against the adoption of CAFTA at Senate Finance Committee yesterday, noting that "the United States has yet to see "the upside of these trade agreements."

Those who feel free trade beneficial might do well to consult the actual numbers:

The latter, in particular, is clearly a picture of America's success in opening the vast chinese market to our exporters.
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